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An archive of favourite sculptures from the past twenty years, carved in a variety of limestones, sandstones, marble & soapstones.  These are now largely housed in private homes.  Future works can be made to commission.

Within the Dormant stone - Stoneycombe l

Images sandblasted into cut and dressed stone.  These stones are generally too hard to carve and several are quarried in local Devon quarries such as Stoneycombe (Kinskerswell), Moorcroft (Plymouth), Westleigh (Tiverton).

Ceramic textures3.jpg

Recent sculptures in high-fired stoneware ceramic, suitable for outdoors.  Glazes in combination with metal oxides engender qualities of stone.  In contrast to stone-carving, the challenge is to construct rather than reduce material.

ceramic textures.jpg

A collection of smaller works for the home in stoneware ceramic including small sculptures, vessels, bowls and imaginative pieces made for themed exhibitions.   These  works are affordable as gifts.

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